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About Us

my name is Nazir Rasoli, the manager of Sahil Driving School and your highly experienced instructor. I have been working as a driving trainer successfully for over 17 years. My main priority is for all  drivers of any age to be safe on the road as well as the other drivers that we share the roads with.

I have started my career as a driving instructor early 2006 and since then I have been sucessfully running my business as a sole trader in the south eastern suburbs and now my business has slowly grown up and become a team work.  I have never advertised my business through the paper or yellow pages and  the only reas0n is I didn't have to, because my dear students always looked after me and they are the ones who desreve all the credit. Although Sahil Driving School is my business, it's not about me, it's about the students, who are my main priority. I know nowadays alot of competition is going on in this profession but i just want to assure you I am not into it, my main priority is not only making sure the students pass their drive test but the safety of you and your family and other people around you on the road.


My service is based on honesty and trust so if you would like to learn driving in a fun and freindly environment join us and try our service, you won't be disappointed. This business is ultimately one of the best and most effective driving schools around South-East Melbourne, so if you want a safe, hygienic and just a great experience this driving school is one to choose!

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